Remote Building a C++ Project for iOS with a Mac Mini

IPP ERROR: RPCCommand MakeApp failed with return code Error_RemoteCertificatesNotFound

As a follow up to a previous article in which we launched a Blueprint only project with a Mac Mini, this time it’s about packaging C++ projects as well. It actually just takes one more step, though, breathe easy.

The error code above pretty much tells the truth. I read through some old forum posts and had to make two changes to my original “Just doubleclick it” approach. The certificate apparently has to be located in the System Keychain (not the login one), plus it has its access rights to be removed.


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Calling a C++ Function with return value from a Blueprint

Aye, Sundays! For another PoC I was in need of some custom C++ functionality. To get a grasp of it, I started digging into some articles and videos and decided to narrow everything down to what’s most important: Calling functions and retreiving a return value from there.



Let’s send two floats to a custom C++ function which then returns us the sum as Output Param in a node we can use further in our Blueprint. For now, we’re working with a synchronous call, means, the function we’re calling is also the function we’re getting our sum back from. It’s really that simple.

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