Neopixel & UE4 Series: The PoC


Another one of those weirdo Proof Of Concepts, but hey, someone has to do them. I think I just like breaking boundaries from a pure digital world into the real one. Controlling light always feels very rewarding and I might add that, if a game or entertainment would make use of my environment, e.g. control my room’s lighting based on the game- /visual’s atmosphere, I’d probably dig it.



Syncing an LED strip’s brightness to a UE4 Point Light intensity. This is the first article of a series covering this idea, using only a Timeline to animate it.

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Calling a C++ Function with return value from a Blueprint

Aye, Sundays! For another PoC I was in need of some custom C++ functionality. To get a grasp of it, I started digging into some articles and videos and decided to narrow everything down to what’s most important: Calling functions and retreiving a return value from there.



Let’s send two floats to a custom C++ function which then returns us the sum as Output Param in a node we can use further in our Blueprint. For now, we’re working with a synchronous call, means, the function we’re calling is also the function we’re getting our sum back from. It’s really that simple.

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